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Broad prospects for benzene board equipment Hebei Xinji foam Machinery Factory

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With the needs of our era of progress, economic development and urban sprawl, high-rise buildings springing stands, fire safety issues can not be ignored. High-rise buildings like tall chimneys, the fire spread particularly rapidly, coupled with the development of the aerial ladders the mechanical manufacturing can not keep up senior, has over 300 meters of high-rise buildings, aerial ladders is impossible so high, hindering firefighters in fire fighting and rescue operations . Account for a significant proportion of the external walls of wall insulation in building energy efficiency. The foreign external wall insulation works first appeared in Europe, has been more than 38 years of history. The most used is sheet Plastering exterior insulation system of benzene board equipment production of foamed polystyrene board in the mid-1980s began to study the outer insulation technology, and the pilot project. Domestic enterprises, research units first through the improvement of industrial kilns, pipe insulation technology for energy efficiency in buildings. Technology perlite composite silicate, sepiolite or silicone composite wall insulation mortar, and was used in the cold northern region in the early 1990s, energy-efficient buildings. With the introduction of digestion and absorption of foreign technology, China also began to use insulation technology such as benzene board equipment production of foamed polystyrene board sheet Plastering, the mechanical fixing benzene board equipment polystyrene board wall insulation technology of steel wire rack, crumb rubber foam polystyrene particles exterior insulation technology efficient insulation material. After all these years of practice, has made great achievements. With China's building energy efficiency targets to be increased to 70%, this is quite high requirements for external wall insulation technology. For the building materials industry is also a major issue. Qualified external wall insulation system should meet the following conditions: 1, able to adapt to the grass-roots level the normal deformation without cracks or hollowing. 2, long-term bear weight without harmful deformation. 3, able to withstand wind loads without causing damage. 4, can not destroy the long-term repeated role withstand outdoor climate. The rare earthquake occurs should not be detached from the grassroots. 6, the high-rise building exterior insulation and fire resistant construction project should take measures. 7, should have a waterproof permeability.

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