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Foam benzene plate weighting agent penetrant manufacturers Hebei Xinji foam Machinery Factory

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Foam benzene Board weighting agent is a new type of environmentally friendly additive, the product is colorless and odorless, and can serve to increase the foam board polystyrene foam products inside bulk density foam packaging products, add the practical application of EPS raw material, and its multifacetedthe effect is superb, is the EPS industry preferred to add material, low prices and the credibility of the first, the user first, welcome customers to buy. After years of research and new product into the market in April 2010, I produced energy-efficient material also known as foam benzene Board weighting agent, after many manufacturers use proved effect than the obvious effect of the original magnesium sulfate weight gain, at the same time no effect of weight gain is not obvious, dust, corrosion, abrasive phenomenon. The product also has a flame retardant, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, by hard, low price, easy to use features, use products with a flame retardant, weight, color and light, bright, and so on, the energy-saving materials for foam pipe, small packaging, such as sheet metal, light panels per cubic increase weight gain 1-2 kg, 3-5 kg of weight plates, foam weighting agent is a wealth of good foam factory Fortuna. Using the method of the amount and characteristics of 6-10 kg per cubic available 1-1.5 kg, 10-20 kg per cubic available 3-5 kg ​​per cubic do composite board manufacturers with 1 kg can be, after use, the product has a good cut, no corrosion mold phenomenon of Quality Supervision, Inspection and illegible. Also can be based on the amount of your factory required fifteen to twenty percent of raw materials to add and raw material mix foam can also be directly and made ​​a good raw material into the machine. Trading up to 3-5 tons, we are responsible for directing training and technology requirements In addition the company also operates the foam mechanical equipment of benzene board, foam benzene board penetrant, EPS corrugated cutting machine, foam shredder, foam benzene board recycling made grain machine, color steel composite machine, as well as a variety of foam installation of machinery and equipment repair personnel, technical trainers. Hebei Xinji foam Machinery Factory journey welcome agents around each plant to plant calls ordering.

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