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In recent years, the Chinese government to give strong support to the development of the new materials industry, foam machinery, benzene board equipment production, initially formed a relatively complete industrial system of the new material. In June 2008, the National Development and Reform Commission has decided advantages and characteristics in the development of new materials industry, Ningbo, Dalian and other cities building new materials industry, the national high-tech industrial base. The recent meeting of the National Development and Reform Work Conference made it clear that will study and formulate the general idea that accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries and emerging industries development plan. Optimistic about the China bubble mechanical of benzene board equipment production materials market development potential, international materials giants have also adjusted its strategic layout in China, DuPont, India, Iran, Bayer, BASF and other multinational companies have increased investment, seeking to work with China local corporate strategic cooperation. Relevant research institutions is expected to 2010, the market scale of China's new materials industry is rapidly expanding, and is expected to exceed 230 billion yuan. However, experts pointed out that, in the development of emerging industries foam machinery, benzene board equipment the process must not be rushed, China's bubble is in the emerging industries of machinery, equipment benzene board nurture and further development of the process, not only the need for policy support and funding support, the cultivation of market and technological breakthrough is a process. Macroeconomic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said Zhang Liqun, a researcher and service platform structures, training of personnel as well as enterprise self-innovation mechanism construction will contribute to the development of new industries. Zhang Liqun suggested that Chinese enterprises should strengthen international technical cooperation to enhance the core competitiveness.

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