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Production of benzene board

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The beads after the foam mechanical pre hair retain a certain amount of foaming agent and water vapor, to be out of the machine, is condensed into liquid, the liquid foaming agent dissolved in the polystyrene, to quickly reduce the pressure in the bubble,bubbles occur within the negative pressure (partial vacuum), the beads are very soft, easy to deform. Wind sent, try not to make too much air pressure, wind the inner wall of the tube should be smooth, bend radius as large as possible (to reduce collision resistance), the pipeline should be a good conductor of electricity, the entire line must be grounded to prevent static electricity ignition, transmission speed should not exceed 8m / s, in order to avoid the beads damage. Newly hatched the foam mechanical advance machines bead material are wet, after being released from the advance machine, due to the absorption of air, and a sudden case of cold, resulting in the blowing agent condensation to form a negative pressure of the bubble hole honeycomb cell, so the beads in dried must be placed after the pre-period of time, on the one hand, the other hand, to penetrate the air eliminating the negative pressure, so that the inner pressure in the cell and the outer pressure balance, in order to avoid foam collapse, the beads having elasticity. EPS beads Gangchu advance machine is stable after a certain time of drying, cooling and bubble-hole pressure process called aging. Ripening to improve the pre-expanded beads further expansion in the molding process, the elasticity of the beads between the frit and the beads, conducive to improve the quality of the EPS products. The course of the aging treatment, the bead material After air-cooled, the foaming agent of the foam hole stomatal and water vapor is condensed into a liquid, the bubble hole to form a negative pressure. At this point, the air will through the cell membrane penetration to the interior of the cell, so that the balanced pressure and external pressure of the bubble hole, this would advance the beads having elasticity. Ripening can be divided into natural maturation and pressure, aging was conducted for two methods. In a cool, dry, ventilated conditions, any of its natural inflatable called natural ripening. The natural maturation of the pre-expanded beads, in a sealed container in a gas (air, nitrogen) was added to be inflated with a certain pressure, called pressurized ripening.



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