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The emergence of polystyrene board, uses foam machinery factory in Hebei Xinji

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Polystyrene foam board (Expandable Polystrene) development has undergone a long process, 1952, the polystyrene board products before first appeared in China Hebei Xinji foam Machinery Factory. Polystyrene board with excellent long-lasting insulation a unique buffer shock resistance, aging resistance, and water resistance, and thus has been widely used in many fields. Several well-known companies in the world have been using different technology, vigorously carry out applied research in their respective fields, and constantly develop new products, such as German BASF, the U.S. DOW Chemical, Japan hydrocephalus, Jilin, China Tsinghua circles, etc., they are not only with the majority of the market in their own countries, but also in international cycloconverter equipment for benzene board, foam machinery, foam weighting agent, benzene Board weighting agent, benzene board production equipment, foam penetrant, benzene board penetrant, benzene board equipment Price, foam board production line, foam board production equipment, the price of foam board, foam board manufacturers, the price of benzene board, benzene MILL, production of benzene board machinery, production of benzene board machinery prices polyphenylene industry played a pilot role, has many valuable properties, in everyday life, agriculture, transportation, military, industrial, aerospace industry have been widely used, especially in the field of construction, packaging, electrical and electronic products, ships, vehicles and aircraft manufacturing by great favor. Civilian light industrial products, such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigeration systems, household appliances, electronic instruments, precision instruments, glassware, ceramics, art and crafts, mariculture rafts, seafood, frozen, fresh vegetables incubators, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, railway, municipal construction, etc. It all can not be separated from the the EPS sheet and packaging products. Polystyrene board was also used as a decoration materials a large number of film and television scene layout, character modeling, marine life jackets and buoys. Large foam sheet market demand as the color steel sandwich panel, steel wire grid (board) lightweight composite panels, external wall affixed to the board, roof insulation panels and geothermal board, it is more widely applications in the field of housing construction, used as thermal insulation, waterproofing and ground moisture-proof material. Styrene foam sheet for exterior insulation and roof insulation layer, building energy efficiency. EPS in building insulation materials, there is huge potential for growth, and has broad prospects for development. Energy conservation is the focus of industrial development of China's energy strategy 1986, the Ministry of Construction issued the "Energy conservation design standard, then this standard indicators to further improve. Before the implementation of building energy efficiency standards, the construction of the residential area over the years accumulated nearly 80 million square meters. Since 2000, energy-saving heating zone hot environment or energy consumption of the original building work has already begun, in 2005, the country has energy-saving start in the major towns and cities. Polyphenylene plate due to the low thermal conductivity, light weight, high strength, waterproof, impervious, easy construction and excellent performance, in renovation attractive. October 1, 2001, the Ministry of Construction issued a "hot summer and cold winter region residential building energy efficiency design standards, its basic goal: hot in summer and cold winter zone in China to improve the quality of residential building thermal environment, while improving energy use efficiency, the use of polystyrene foam sheet exterior insulation a

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