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Our company developed foam board equipment, innovative energy-saving, and went out to the world.

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Our foam board equipment is welded with high-quality steel, and after aging heat treatment, the machine has high strength, no deformation, and can withstand the expansion force of high-density products. The machine adopts PLC full-computer touch display screen control to make the machine open. , mold clamping, feeding, heating, heat preservation, wind cooling, demoulding, ejection of finished products, to achieve full automatic cycle operation; the surface of the machine cavity is made of thick special aluminum alloy plate, high heat transfer efficiency, good tensile strength and long service life. The machine adopts the advanced and unique penetrating heating forming process from abroad, and sets the variable pressure blower to suck, cool, penetrate, and has good adhesion, less steam, faster forming and low water content, ensuring consistent inside and outside the product.


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